Thursday, April 16, 2009

mY Aunt's 'COMPLEX'ion

(statutory warning : offencive language ahead)

background: My cousin's big fat wedding

Morning. The d-day. (Muhoortham is at 12.00pm). Everyone's runnin 2 get things done...makin de final arrangements

Aunt: Hey...u...
Me: Hiii...(panting)
Aunt: u should be nithin...right?
Me: Yep
Aunt: Finished yer course?
Me: Nopes...fourth year...
Aunt: So child...howz life@college
(y de hell is dis lady askin all these @ this time. Well if my grey cells speak right this is our first CONFRONTATION)

Aunt: Feeling disappointed?
Me: woooot?? what 4?
Aunt: 4 havin chosen MBBS.
(waaaaaaaaat? i was almost electrocuted)

Aunt: do U know child? iT takes a life time 2 get established in de profession. MBBS...den u go upside down 4 de MD...try once...den repeat...den RE-repeat...den de MD...3 more years...den superspeciality...n finally by 55 or so u start gettin patients.

Me: oooo REALLY?

(Had I a chance, i wud've spat at her...honestly...niether did i know dis AUNT of mine b4...nor wer i interested in de chat)

Aunt: (Without any provocation) Well my son had secured de 16th rank in de AIEEE
(god not sure if heard de number right)
Aunt: He was wid PC 4 three years (pc thomas entrance coaching center, Kerala)...

Aunt: no no not a re-repeater as u may think
Me: ha (de lady didn't gimme a gap 2 guess)

Aunt: He was in de regular classes 4 two years den one repetition. Well he loathed medicine.
Me: sad
(wat de fuckin hell shud i do den? dis lady is gettin 'into' my nerves)

Aunt: what 'sad'?...he's now @ NIT Calicut u c...
Me: gud...hope he's got placed...
Aunt: yeah...of course...u know kid...if my son had tried he wud simply hav secured a seat in one of de Medical Colleges

Me: hmmm
(her 'kid' is right besides her...poor thing...i'll hold him innocent...)
(this is wat i really wanted 2 tell: Okay...den y de fuckin hell didnt u let him giv a try. Attitudes differ.Kid get yer mom off from here b4 i lose my patience)

(den v had some conversation wer v introduced ourselves 2 eachother 'in details'
4 niether of us knew eachother much.
Terms like aunt, uncle, cousin can be applied universally right?
every kin if not a brother or sister is yer 'cousin' be it de first cousin or second or third...Every older lady or guy is an Aunt or an Uncle)

Aunt: k...son...rush now...

Me: I think i had a nice time runnin in 2 u (grrrrrrrr) Aunt so wat do u do now?
Aunt: ENT

Me: wow
(yukkk u r a doctor...??? still speakin so rude about de profession??? *&%$#^&*** C'mon im feelin bad...really bad...)

Aunt's husband (silent all this time) : So dat authorises her 4 wat she just said na kid?? Just imagine gettin wedlocked after passin out wid an MBBS degree. U'll have 2 strech out yer hands 2 yer parents 2 fill yer purse.

Me: Yeah yeah.

I managed 2 escape de scene.

I was very much interested in de specimen i met n enquired about her. She enjoys de role of villainous aunt. She was a nurse 4 a couple of years wen finally she managed 2 join MBBS using some special 'quota'. Donno how she aquired a super specialty..She said kid is however bright from wat i've heard.

Now de confession part: De post is not intended 2 defame a family member(though de lady is a far 'too' distant relative). I felt totally bad. k..itz cent % REAL k...happened few days back. I kept 'mmmmm' de whole time n dis post contains all dat i wanted 2 yell@her.
Hope i won't get fired!!! or thrashed by my family.

Sorry 4 de offensive language.

ps.if u havn't chkd out yet here is my stage performance@college: tune in(de link)


D said...

Poor U....I can feel the pain that u went through during ur happened wid me too..many many times....I still run into such aunties...

sawan said...

lol, weddin is one stage wer u get confronted by all the weird ppl in the world :) m sure u enjoyed the wedin :) u take care bro :)

Amal Bose said...

this is the reason why i hate going to weddings.. every five minutes you ll be confronted the most irritating question ' do you remember me?' and when you somehow make a vague connection then starts the next phase - ur studies. its really frustrating :-(

k.ø.c.h.ü said...


;( cheers D...letz start a new group: Aunt Busters..!!!

k.ø.c.h.ü said...


:) yeah yeah...i really ENJOYED..grrrr

k.ø.c.h.ü said...


he he. i luv attendin weddings niway!!! de benifit2risk ratio is high u c!!!

SMRITI said...

I think all of us have gone through this, some time or the other. The insufferable-know-it-alls who think whatever they thing is the decree and we ought to listen to what they say. Like their words are so important!!!

I faced the same, many a times too...I still get irritated..When i was studying CA, I got this flak that it'll take forever and even if i Become a CA, it will take a long time for me to establish myself. Sickos!!

I still get it for my journalistic aspirations. Most times I filter them out...but it gets real hard at times...esp when you are at a risk of offending someone who means something to someone close to you :P :)

I'm sure this was fun ;)

Hugssss >:D<

--xh-- said...

tell you what - let us find a medicine to give to all these aunti-jis and uncle-jis :P man, they r a pain in the wrong place...

I have been there but i was not a good boy like you - i gave right back - said itz my choice and I like it that way... sure, it didn't earn me any brownie points with her, but she kept her mouth shut :)

k.ø.c.h.ü said...


so howabut startin a 'anti-uncle n aunts' movt..?? :)

k.ø.c.h.ü said...


oops :)machoo de nxt time i get into similar prob ill call u in...enthina naan risk edukkunne...ini avarkku nalla sundariyaya makalundenkilo? aa makale enne kettikkaanulla plan undenkilo? :)

Diva said...

In all these years, I have faced many such situations and concluded one thing-'Just because they couldn't achieve it, they think you can neither...But dont forget, there is someone else in the world who did achieve it!' .. SO forget what these people have to say... Just do what you want and whatever makes you happy... Isnt that what life is all about????
If they dont understand... leave it at tht!!!

k.ø.c.h.ü said...


ahem ahem divaphilosophy!!

Gymnast said...

lol...can totally empathise. I pity the poor NIT-ian for having such an insufferable lady for a mother

k.ø.c.h.ü said...



Anonymous said...

As one grows in age, it's fairly natural to want to leave a legacy behind, and that's really why older people dispense advice for free :) Well, they sometimes do not understand the motivations and challenges of the younger generation, but hey, you know what, it doesn't cost much to spare some aural bandwidth to hear them out, and then ignore them for all you care :) Listening is easy and safe. It's "obeying" that can become a problem. So as long as your aunt is not demanding that you "obey" her advice, I think you are pretty safe.

Priya Joyce said...

these relatives i tell u..grrrr!!!!

well I honestly do not understand y people try to make others' choices of less value to make their's superior ....

I sympathize honestly..coz i understand

Priya Joyce said...

and weddings...I hate such social gatherings...huh!

Hemanth Potluri said...

i can understand the pain man....these happen to good people always :)...hoz u been bro..:)..


k.ø.c.h.ü said...


cool advice :)

k.ø.c.h.ü said...


hey i luv social gatherings niway !!!!

Netha Hussain said...

Ha ha..Nicely written..A big blow to the irritating aunties and uncles..I usually hang around with girls of my age in wedding parties, and vanish from the spot when I spot an auntie..
I too am asked questions like, "What will you do for PG?" although I'm a first year student...None of the aunties at weddings give peace these days..I'm on the lookout for medicines to silence them..

k.ø.c.h.ü said...


yeah yeah hope these auntz read blogs ;) (oops not the one in my family!! )

pinto.x said...

The parents are turning rude when it comes to the matter of career, Indian's generally speaking), has a greed for money than the love for their profession , they never follow there passion , they just follow whatever which gave them respect and power and a status more marriage market, that's why Indians never contribute anything back to the academic resources. any way you enjoy your achievements,and enjoy your profession.It is great than those outnumbered below quality churn out engineering grads trust me am also tech in India and Europe/USA has different meaning your profession has a dignity.

k.ø.c.h.ü said...


:) cheers :)