Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Bureaucrat

(Thanks to blogadda)

Everyone loved to dream, so did I. I think I did imbibe a difference, by scripting a different tale. Born with a silver spoon? No. Neither did I have to learn under a street light. ‘Middle class’ is the term. Perhaps it is this cousin who exhausted her bank account for making herself look better, who inspired me to strive elevating to the higher class. Luxury cars often fascinated me during my long walks towards work. The money saved by each walk would never add up to get me one. Forefathers apparently were lazy enough, for they didn’t even leave me a legacy to boast about. All that would deter me from wanting to jump out of this cattle class was the serenity that often filled my mind. It didn’t take the transient dreams too long a time to win their battle over my love affair with serenity. A devil walked in to my life; shook my hands. Short cut to richness would lure any sane mortal, I reasoned. Time took a faster leap. My eyes just blinked. It was all going to happen. The brand new smile that I gave birth to let me bypass conscience. Bureaucracy turned out to be a fun. A sharp brain; timely silence; seasonable grins all favoured me. I played with red tapes.

The green-eyed monsters were more powerful. The current location from where I write this is just a proof of how strong they are. Trust me; this was never the victory of truth. The level of corruption that I exercised was weaker than what they could. Or, perhaps I was just a novice. Well, penitence doesn’t flood my words. That doesn’t however mean that I would ride along the same path as soon as I get released from here. My love, believe me when I say that my heart is still pure. I know you will. Well who should read me better? When I say that I would not dare to turn deaf to your thoughts anymore, it is recommended that you take it as a promise, at least for now. Life is complicated. Too many neuronal circuits are firing from within, so let me conclude for now. See you soon.

With lots of love,

The guy who still holds your heart.

(For those who came in late: Manipulator, Beast)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Silence

It is rather unusual for the night to be this silent. I strain to the extreme and all I hear is my heart’s thud. The room is so filled by darkness that the tiny LED light from the mobile phone charger shines like the sun himself. This phone is supposed to break the silence. But, why isn’t that happening.

Is that a cough? I rush to their room. No, it’s nothing. See, I’m sweating. I should make a call now. Perhaps I can wait. Before returning to my room I tried to find if any sound walked out of that keyhole at all. When did Dad stop snoring anyway? Peace for now. I did have trouble finding my blanket. But weren’t I sweating a while back? It’s cold anyway. It seems monsoon has no plans to give way to the other seasons this year. Rains that flooded the day did leave behind this calm cool night. The phone is still silent. No, I shouldn’t wait further. I dial the number. “Switched off,” says the recorded message. My heart began to beat louder.

Is that a cough? Ouch! The chair collapses with me. Leg’s hurt, I’m sure. I begin to crawl to the room. The pain makes me groan. The door opens with a majestic loudness. That’s mom, “Rohan! Oh my god! Are you okay? Dear, what is happening?”

The pain is still there. They are safe. Nothing’s wrong. Should this night stay any longer? The phone’s screen has no plans to light up, it seems. “Switched off,” and once again that’s my heart that I am listening to.

I should have exhausted myself. Dad found me sleeping on floor, in front of his door. At least it is not night anymore. The phone has nothing new for me.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


There was a first time;
We met;
The date never stayed in my mind.

Aeons crawled away;
Then we sundered;
The date never stayed in my mind.

After all, dates reduce to numbers;
Why would they stay with me anyway?
For the past, the present, the future;
The presence fill them all.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I hit him down; tied him up; didn't choke him though;
Life, I'm fed up with his dictations; no more lessons;
I'll take on from here.
A soulless creature starts his hunt