Saturday, January 19, 2013


Was refreshing memories, walking along my college verandas. Suddenly someone was calling me as I neared the Dept. of Anatomy . I turned back.

"Lecture hallil ninnu mungi nadakkuvanno?" [Sneaking out of the lecture hall?]

Felt so happy hearing that :) :)

I couldn't recollect the name of this ma'am...but felt nice,
"Ayyo...njan pandu mungeetha ma'am...njan 2k5 batcharrnu..." [Ehh..had done that long back ma'am...I belong to the class of 2005]
We chatted for a while...

Friday, January 11, 2013

Mammooty,Kajol, Lotus and Internet

It was 6.30 am, and I was sleepy. It was unusual for me to wake that early, for it's vacation. I rode my bicycle to the computer centre where I had been a part of vacation classes that were supposed to teach me Lotus 123 and a new program called Excel. The day was special, our tutor had promised to show us a magic.

Every eyes focussed on the monitor. A browser opened up, he typed in on the address bar. We waited for five minutes; a black and white hour glass was right in front of us. Then a page loaded up, it had pictures of Mammootty. The tutor then proclaimed with pride, "well I don't know these Malayalam actors much". He then typed in Kajol, and voila!...we were now looking at wedding pictures of Kajol.

"So children, this is Internet"
Next he showed us an e-mail. It had an 'attachment', a game that needed him to catch a giant fly on the computer screen with his mouse pointer.

I returned home, thrilled to have seen a 'web page', and yeah, Mammooty had one! (I was always a fan of this guy. Mammooty-Mohanlal fan clashes were common in our class room). I kept thinking about the advances that ride in so fast. 'Things have changed, why do they teach me windows 3.1 anymore at school?', I thought.

Well that was in April, some year...may be 1999 ( yeah, at school we were still being shown windows 3.1).

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The death sentence

Some people are unlucky to live long enough to suffer all the tragedy that life can hold. 'A life sans health is not really worth living', I often hear this from my patients.

I was notified about the arrival of this patient as soon as the ambulance started from his home. The hospital staff knew him as a regular inpatient. Everyone knew that he had suffered enough. His relatives were convinced that only death could save him. He had presented now with a failing heart. His medical history revealed too long a list of ailments that a mortal can suffer. Yet I found it hard to keep him at the emergency room and do nothing, watch him die. He was gasping, loud. Someone else within me walked towards his son and said, "his condition is bad, and I know your situation; but I can't let him stay here and await his death. I am taking him to the I.C.U". After thinking for a moment, he said in a depressed tone, " do whatever is needed". He returned to his mother, an old lady with a mask like face.

All the life saving procedures were done as per protocol, and he improved. By dawn he was stable. Before signing off my duty hours, I enquired the I.C.U staff about his status. The news, that he was coping well, did not gift me the satisfaction that I normally get when I hear that someone was saved. Did I err by extending his period of suffering on earth? He lived, to die another day.

(Image credit: Blaklyon)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Magic Lamp

Something's terribly wrong with the world and I'm perfect.
The world's perfect and something's terribly wrong with me.

The possibility of one of these statements turning out to be true equals my chance of getting satisfied with a rather challenging yet prosaic life. I wonder if it is normal for a guy who is as old as twenty five or some one like me, as young as twenty five to search the night sky for answers when he is aware of the fact that it has nothing more than asterisks to offer.

Now isn't that a lamp? Holy cow! The famous magic lamp!
I rubbed it hard, real hard...Rubbed it again.
Finally, here's the Jinn.
Jin: "Aye answer, that's all that I'll give"
I : "When will the world end?"
Jin: "Oh! Man is not supposed to know that. Something else?"
I : "Nothing's working for me these days. Feeling screwed up, absolutely screwed up. So how do I fix things?"

Jin thinks for a moment.
Jin: I'd better tell you when the world would that'll be a secret okay? Shhhhhhhh