Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Manipulator

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To change or not to was never hard to make a choice. The galvanizing fact that I was alive meant I could change. ‘Who would turn the key’ was the million dollar question. I would either let Time do the magic or I would let my brain do the manipulation. Naturally I chose the second option. How could someone blame me? I am a human...within the trillions of neuronal circuits rests, beast, and god. They would fight each other all the time...victory would never rest with one for keeps on changing. But I would never know who won...The end product is never merely a physical change that a mirror would reflect.

This time, however, I assumed the beast had won. How else could the thought of breaking a promise made years back pop up in my brain? Just like anyone around, I had a reason...just to substantiate my stand...’betrayal of a friend’ was hence easy. After all everything happens for a reason...good or bad.

Unknown and unseen forces conspired and a multitude of traits mixed up in magical proportions and a human form sprouted up...took the form of the lady of my dreams. I realised she was the one for me at the very first sight. It took me ages however to manipulate myself and her and the entire milieu, and the purpose was served... We married...every one concluded our chapter with the words ‘and they lived happily ever after’...

The immortality of our love would someday end up just like any other fact that fills the universe...’another fallacy’. What is a ‘fact’ anyway? You prove something to be true today and Time or another petite mortal proves the opposite, some other day. Not even science can fill gaps. The very gaps that science leaves are filled by deadly lies...or soothing lies. The ever soothing God, or a plundering demon, or a weird superstition, are all proofs for the weaknesses of science.

The very truths I had spun myself would someday shatter before her innocence. But the very fear that revelations would drive her away prevented me from spilling the truths. All I wanted was to win the prettiest damsel my eyes had ever seen. I didn’t care about the true inner beauties that adorned her. But there was someone who loved it, the closest friend of mine who introduced her to me years back. Naive he was...ignorant he was about the devil who took birth in me the moment I saw her. The poor chap didn’t know how to propose. The princess never had a clue about the place she had in his heart.

He was a moron...winning his trust over matters took seconds. I brilliantly penned the rest of the tale. By the end of a month...I ‘made’ her realise that all he wanted was her body. Just like a complementary gift came her trust on me. Everything worked so well.

With time I realised she was much more than the sexy curves and charming charisma that lured me. She taught me to respect the inner beauty of womanhood. Remorse began to flood my heart. I would give her the love and warmth that no one else would have bestowed her with. That would be the only holy water that can wash my sins.

My poor friend still lives somewhere...probably still unaware of what had happened...Heaven or hell...wherever you friend, let me spill the truth...I had to kill you...your attempt to suicide never worked out...I rushed you to the were put on dialysis...the toxins flushed out...the doctor put you on iv infusion. I had to push some potassium into it when no one else was looking so as to bring the sudden arrhythmia that none could save you from.

No one would figure things out...but I fear...someday...I would tell her the truth...but by that time, I’m damn sure she won’t think that she missed you. Love is all that matters dear friend...

See you in hell or heaven,

The Manipulator

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


“You’ll sleep now”

Silence deafened me. With the closure of my eyes darkness was obvious. But it was not the shade of the devil that forbade me from getting sleep. I feared the vision that has been repeatedly visiting me. They say dreams speak about the future. But I was seeing my past. I felt as if those dreams where answering my ever pondering grey cells. All my life, I’d been searching for answers that enthral me, answers to questions about my past.

My life wasn’t a miserable one. I was born filthy rich...posthumous child of a ‘great man’. A great diagnostician who loathed getting himself ‘treated’. ‘Treated’? Just like the rest of the world I didn’t know if he had a thing to be treated for. But the dreams that came in last week spoke things that pierced my eardrum. It was ‘grief’ that killed my father. One tiny blunder cost him the life of his patient. No one enquired about the ‘natural’ death of the 65 year old cardiac patient. But the great man who was treating the guy knew ‘if the first tiny error in his professional career’ hadn’t happened, the guy would’ve had few more years of sufferings on earth.

But that was the story they said last week. Worse revelations followed. I discovered that I was not the only soul within my body. Two men resided in me. Ten incarnations (avatars) were not required to get the lessons that these two individuals taught me in just one life span. After all everything serves a purpose. Life plays its role, just like time does. Angel and demon shared my body. I loved to see smiles everywhere, tried to shower happiness everywhere, failed. God never bestowed me with his powers. ‘Forget him’ I mocked. “I couldn’t build the empire of eternal sunshine...maybe I could demolish the fortress of demons” I thought. That never worked either. Yeah, a lowly mortal I am.

I began as a hero, following the footsteps dad left behind. A true hero I was...then. I enjoyed the warmth of the limelight that lit me. Then I tried to sustain it. The devil was born. Time moved on. I continued to be in disguise. I was still a hero to all. The devil however made sure not a lie that was uttered would end up as grievous blows. So in effect everyone was happy, just like me. ‘Immaculate lies’ are allowed, I figured out.

Dreams began to debate. They said I didn’t walk like my ‘father’, talk like him, act like him. Perhaps I wasn’t his kid.

I threatened to cut my vein. The ground flooded with her tears. What poured out from her was a story of betrayal. It was not the pleasure that a widow would long for, that brought me into this world. The sole friend who extended care to the depressed wife of his beloved friend after his demise had raped her. She didn’t avenge. The rascal’s life was taken away by a drunken driver instead. The entire chain of events remained safe within the walls of her brain. My mother wanted a heir. Wolves would greedily eat away the fortunes, she feared. One ‘immaculate lie’ worked.

Dreams couldn’t say if her heart still burned. I can’t ask them, if she had erred. No...I don’t want them yelling out more truths...I won’t sleep again...

“Wake up now”

B: “Hey...buddy, sweating??? What Happened?”

A: “MAN...U SERIOUS??? All about your dad...and other stuff”(Panting)

B: “ha ha...idiot...right from the time we did our internship I’d been telling you’ll never be good with psychiatry”

A: “ weren’t actually hypnotised...grrr”

B: “Buddy...anyway you unleashed a master story teller...he he...kudos for that”

A: uuuuuuuuuuuuuu....SMAAAAAAAAASHHHHHHHHH...idiot, you are pathetic with genetics too...

B: ooof :)

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