Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Guppy: The film review

No, this movie isn’t going to enter the 200 crore club and no airplanes will bear its pictures. But this piece of sheer brilliance will, for sure, steal your hearts. ‘Guppy’, for me, is a great movie, the greatness is filled in every frame. There is lot of love, emotion, dreams, perspiration, sadness, hope and energy. Casting couldn’t have been better. Master Chetan will keep you spellbound all through. The mother-son chemistry is haunting. Tovino is dazzling, rich with charisma. There are scenes that’ll remain in your minds for long. 

Felt so so good watching Guppy; thanks a tonne to John Paul George. Too good for a directorial debut. Extremely great portrayal of human relations. Hats off to the entire team for having gifted us a movie that’ll make us think, and fill our hearts with lots of happiness.
Malayalam movies are indeed ‘a class’ apart. Sigh…I’m getting eccentric here. So concluding and cutting short this write up, or I’ll spoil the whole fun. It’s a must watch.

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