Friday, May 9, 2008

Girls, Friends, and GIRLFRIENDS

This piece of literature will be updated the moment it is proved that Eve wasn’t the only ‘gal’ in town when Earth was moulded up.

If Adam and Eve where the only ones, then I’ll brand that situation responsible for all miseries that guys and gals face when they are just ‘friends’. Since parents can very well argue, ‘unlike hormones always attract’.

There is an age old saying (that scores of movies have researched and proved), ‘A guy and gal can’t stay as best friends forever’. Can’t blame the pig head who jotted that quote. Terminologies are grossly misused by a large number of ‘couples’. “Oh! Its Rita….mom don’t worry, she is just a friend of mine”, says Rakesh when questioned by his mother when caught red handed with his mobile phone at 2 past mid night. Weeks later they are caught from ‘Coffee Beans’ having cold coffee, one glass, two straws!!!

INFATUATION is really a terrible phenomenon, often responsible for Sudden Explosions in relationships. I challenge if there is a single guy in the vicinity who haven’t experienced such an infatuation to a gal who is genuinely his friend. For example, when she is seen gorgeous at a party, you’ll think for a moment,” Oh! Why don’t I fall in for her?” Fortunately this feeling is often transient. The next moment you’ll think, “Oh! Shit what am I thinking?” You either hide it in your brain’s recycle bin or spit it out to her some day,

I’ll call all these things NATURAL. Why? What is the big Sin in falling in love with your friend? As far as southern Kerala (my abode) is concerned, if she is of your same ‘caste’, ‘similar or better financial and family back ground’ parents usually say ‘Yes. Go on kid’. But gross or even minute mis-matches, (eg. The ‘star’ problems…yupp…astrology) end in catastrophe.

One solution, that I think is apt, is to clearly discriminate between ‘friend’ and ‘girlfriend’. ‘Girlfriend’ as far as I know is an often mis interpreted term. It is best to call your gal friend just ‘friend’ if she is truly just a friend.

TRANSPARENCY is the best safety measure. Transparency everywhere...commmunication, relation, or where ever applicable.

Recently I ‘sold’ my old mobile to one of my best friend (unfortunately a girl!!!). Within months rumours reached my aunt, “Hey your nephew is having an affair with one gal. He has already ‘gifted’ her Mobile Phone, i-pod etc.”( I still don’t have an i-pod for myself)

Since my amma knew what exactly had happened, and what exactly ran between us, I didn’t suffer any casualty. My senses have risen up since then.

Since then, even Birthday cards are selected with caution. What if, some day I gift a pal (guy) with a card containing a symbol of heart in it and I get branded gay…?

Planning to give a nice treat to your pal…? Beware!!! You are being watched.


Smriti Srivastava said...

As a kid, my grandma always had problems with me coz "She's always on the phone talking to guys...doesnt she have any female friends??". It just so happened in a house where the boy:girl ratio was like 5:1, I was more comfortable talking to the other sex.

Nver saw any harm in it until as I came into my teens and faced a lot of character assassination from other people. Didnt really care, coz I knew that most of them were truly in fact "Just good friends". Sure, I did infact became friends with most of them coz I had developed a crush. And when I came to know them a little more, I went "Huh?? I had a crush on this person?? Why??"

Everyone's got a theory on this need to debate...coz no matter what you keep on saying, everyone wants to have a piece of you when it comes to befriending someone of the opposite sex.

I liked the way you've written your blog, kept me grippped...will keep coming back for more.

Keep writing!! :)

Vishnu said...

nice one dude...


Diva said...

This is an never-ending debate, each one of us wud agree... But I personally think that Friendship is the first step towards love.... so I dnt really see anything wrong in this 'friends became lovers' thingy... infact, i think that wud be the most perfect way to fall in love :)
But anyways, awesome style of writing buddy... makes me keep waiting for more..wud love a sequel to this one as well :D
keep up the gud work!!!

Nithin Jayan said...

thnx dear 'sequel' lover...cuming soon...GIRL FRIENDS 2...

Nithin Jayan said...

thnx dear 'sequel' lover...cuming soon...GIRL FRIENDS 2...

shobhna said...

very gud post. I agree people often misunderstand themselves that whether its a g frnd or j frnd.
Another thing is when parents say he's not a gud boy/grl then the reason should not be caste or money. At least i dont have such props coz ma ma pa have gvn me full permission to choose a groom 4 myself they just don't wnt it to disturb studies which is far more imp. I'm a girl of many infatuations and crrrr so I know. But a big hand 4 u 2 bring such a gud issue.