Sunday, May 6, 2018

Ee Ma Yau- opinion

Can a movie be real and surreal at the same time? Well, when Lijo Jose Palliseri helms the project, the answer is Yes.

Ee Ma Yau is a classic. I don’t remember watching a more realistic portrayal of life and death.

So should you watch the movie? Well, let me warn you. The entire movie revolves around a death. The makers of the movie have done their work so well that the viewer will be dragged into the the house of Vavachan Mesthiri, the deceased. The experience is so real that even the rain makes you feel drenched (by the way, choose a theatre with a good audio system). If you can bear with it, go for it. There’s melancholy and (dark) humour, and there’s ‘life’. Powerful performances by the cast.

About the ‘copycat’ allegations (the movie Shavam is supposed to be the ‘inspiration’ for Ee Ma Yau), I have no idea.

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