Saturday, August 9, 2008

HOW 2 FACE A TAG ATTACK!!! Phase 1:de Smriti Factor

(STATUTORY WARNING…DIS IS A ‘ROUGH’ POST…unedited..Spontaneous…so I assure der’s an error in almost every line..spelling probs or grammar…so dis is de first ‘contamination’ im doing 2 ma blog…dedicated 2 all wonderful bloggers who have tagged me…)

Seems I’ve got a new add-on…a new category of ‘diseases’ dat spreads through de syndrome called friendship…

And I am a patient now…suffering from something that (which I think) I got from a close pal of mine, a self proclaimed sufferer of ‘de Procrastination mania’

Well world here I introduce a wonderfool…yupp wonderful gal who tops in ma hit list: AMOOMA aka JURASSIC…chk out (others r arun, priya,smriti)

Will tell u more soon..

K…here is ma way of tackling de pesty ‘TAGGERS’…HI HI

Ha here’s ma reply 2 all de tags…I’ve got till date…(assorted)

PHASE ONE: de Smriti Factor

The first…in luving memory(smriti) of Smriti…!! (yupp she still breaths k…I typed in so ‘coz dis is a real late reply)

1. What is your first name? Nithin (well amma n de dearest(double stress on de term dearest) once call me kochu)

2. What is your favorite food right now? Well hostel mess and de ‘excellent yummy’ hotels hav rendered ma taste buds smile@ anything that can be pushed in!!!niway ma favourite food is ‘de chicken biriyani’ exclusively prepared for me by ma chechi(cousin)…

3. What high school did you go to? I have an experience of being in one of de loveliest schools on earth for 12 long years..Sree Narayana Public School,Kollam,Kerala….

4. What is your favorite color? Blue…(honestly not ‘coz sum nerds often make me turn blue!!!)

5. Who is your celebrity crush? As per de state of mind after watching ‘kuselan’(new Rajnikanth flick…tamil movie), purely based on looks…it’s Nayantara…!!! Damn too hot…

6. What is your favorite drink? De Lime juice (no stylish names like a citrus punch!!! Or so)…exclusively available from de Students’ Canteen within our campus Medical College Tvm…!!!(2 b SAT Hospital,Thiruvananthapuram)..i bet…u cant get sumthin better for rupees 5

7. What is your dream vacation? I prefer my own dream world wer im de King!!! (Im least interested in travels…yupp)

8. What is your favourite dessert? I rarely leave space in ma tummy (prefer callin it a single mega pack abs) 4 a dessert …well its de Supreme Halwa ( ‘Supreme bakers’ is one of finest in ma locality)

9. What do you want to be when you grow up? Well donno wen I’ll really ‘grow up’…but I wanna b a really nice Doc….!!!

10. What do you love most in life? My Amma, den Dad…den ma dearest pals…(dat list though short in reality is bit too long 2 type in here…still I’ll name de best ones: Neetz, Leks, Anuj, Colampy(…Rohan), Anu,SuperParu(Parvathy),Rad,Jithin Manu Krishnan(it’s a single person!!!), Nitha,Ponnappan(Ponnu),Amooma(veteran freedom fighter Geethu)

11. What is one word that describes you? Single word?? There r few things dat cant b described wid a single word…well folks if u hav an apt word do shoot..!!! plsssssss

12. What is your user name: …nithinthebest….yupp don’t misread me…dat was de first username I used wen I created an e-mail account in Hotmail ages back ( dumped)…but I still prefer it!!! Y should I change…? I always want 2 b de best (quixotic???)

AND HERE I TAG: amooma…n amooma only…grrrrrr…(de gal who started it all!!!!!)


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Cool tag!

Happy weekend :)

vishesh said...

lol it sounded alright....unedited posts have a thing abt them,you don't need to worry about not understanding 'em :)

Smriti Srivastava said...

Oh I am so honoured by thou, O Nithin the Noblest... ;)

Well done..I'm so proud of you...:D :D :D ...U Wanna face another TAG attack?? Coz Hemu's gonna fire another one at my end real soon :P

It was supposed to be a Mosaic tag u gonna do it that way or not? :P

And I'm not in number 10?? :( :( waaaaaahhhh

Nicely answered mate... :P

Nithin Jayan said...

oooo..smriti...gettin into number 10 ain't easy honey..!!! hi hi...ha ha...grrrr...tag me again...?? ill kink u...!!!!

n's ma hiii.gonna chk in soooon expect me...

firebird said...

enthonnade ithu?

Hemanth Potluri said...

done a good job bro...keep rockin


aqua gurl said...

nicely done:)