Friday, May 25, 2012

Ex and Why

‘I’m getting married’

I wonder what the expression on my face was.
“Are you all right?”
“Yeah, all is well”
“But your face speaks something else. Give me that phone”
I handed my phone to her. Perhaps the mobile screen was the only thing that was brightly lit at that moment.
“Is my face pale?”
“Well, my vocabulary isn’t strong enough to explain the expression that you flashed just now.”
“I don’t know”. I found myself laughing.
“You find fun in everything, right Arun? You seem hurt reading that message.”
“There’s fun, indeed. Someone is celebrating a candle light dinner with his love, and suddenly his ex-lover notifies that she’s getting wed locked.”
“You miss her?” her eyes were heavy when she asked this.
“Dear. There has to be reason why someone transforms into the ‘ex’ status. But, yeah, the feeling you get when you learn that your first love is getting married…to someone else…is indeed…funny. Now give me that phone. The message is a spoiler, not worth of staying in my inbox any longer.”
We walked out the restaurant. It was dark, there was a breeze. Her eyes were still wet. I held her hands. We paused.
“Anu…I have a request”
“Don’t ever order that pasta again…yukk”.

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V. Archana said...

lol.. ;) pastas r yakk when it has too much of cheese ;)