Sunday, June 26, 2011

An Adjustment Hypersensitivity Disorder

'Skin Posting'

Day 1
I: Hey I've got this medicine unit treat today, can you cover for an hour or so?
She: No.

Day 3
7.30 am
I: Hey, I can hardly breath, severe asthma...and to make it worse sinusitis has struck me like never before. I'll take my only permitted leave today.
She: Okay

1:15 pm
She: I've got this unit treat today. Can you cover the duty for me?
I (finding it hard to breath): Fine *nothing to say*

8.05 am
She: Now that I took your duty yesterday, you'll take mine today right?
I (poor health, wheezing): Okay

I: I can hardly breath. Need my inhalers. I think I'll cover your pending duty some other day?
She: Yeah okay

After fifteen minutes
I reach home. Phone rings

She: I need to go home. Can't take up duty today

I (frustrated, angry, desperate): FINE

Day 5 (Sunday)

I: Got some works today. Could we exchange duties today?
She: No. I plan to leave as soon as possible.

Day 6
Gets an sms: Won't be coming today. Fever, headache, vomiting

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I just saw the catastrophe that would take away my life;
Was that here where I would lie gasping for breath?
The night was too dark for me to locate.
Now that I have seen it all,
Is that a wish or a fear,
That I wouldn't last to wake up at the crack of dawn?