Thursday, July 6, 2017

The best of times

Wake up at 4am. Start streaming movies. Switch to novels when done with films. Switch to music when done with books. Take a nap. Return to movies.

When was the last time, I had such peaceful times? The summer vacations during school? Perhaps, yes. Those were the only other times that had seen me in trance.

Well, folks, most of you (not all) know me well, and the kind of roller coster ride that life has been for me. The ride has been fruitful so far. 

So why this post right now?
A week back, my results came out, I cleared the National Board Examination. Big deal? Yes, for me it is. 

So where do you stand now?
Well, this is what I am.

  1. A proud alumni of Sree Narayana Public School, Kollam.  (Obedient, prompt etc, yes yes,don’t frown! I was, and I will continue to be. Huh?)
  2. A proud alumni of Medical College Trivandrum. The Class of 2005. (Is there a more wonderful place? I doubt. A very unstable phase it was. The transition from school to college. Oh God! Still can’t comprehend how my friends adjusted with me! But thanks folks, and teachers, I feel rock solid now! Had I not been in this college I wouldn’t have cracked the DNB practicals, no no, not bluffing.)
  3. An adorable product of Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi (yes, I’m adorable). First as a bystander, then as a student, and finally a staff. (Could a department be hectic yet cool; heavy yet make you madly miss when away for a month? Yes, that’s my gang) 

So what does it look like on paper?
Dr. Nithin Jayan, MBBS, DNB Anaesthesia

So the results came out a week back, what delayed this announcement?
Feel relieved, you just saved yourselves from a hyper emotional-drama rich-extremely mushy-cloud nine powered post. 

Wait, you said, staff?
Yes. I return to the Gangs of Lakeshore this Monday! The super cool-ultimate in awesomeness-Department of Anaesthesia. 

With lots of love,
(Pic courtesy- Google Images)

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