Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Review: Action Hero Biju

Action Hero Biju is a must watch in my opinion. It’s the first movie that does perfect justice to the police force. Realism on screen is a rarity these days. The movie is a real marvelous ride with a police officer. The tag line ‘no twists, only real life’ fits this aptly. I have never been an ardent fan of the actor in Nivin Pauly. But his choice of movies is awesome. The real talent in him, I think, lies in self realization. He knows what he’s good at, choses roles that suit him and then perform with ease (I’ll forget ‘Ivide’ for a while). It’s true, there’s a lack of punch in his ‘punch dialogues’ in this movie, but that I think does more justice to the movie and makes it less dramatic. Great job Nivin. 

An excellent supporting cast adds makes the movie shine more. Felt literally blown away with perhaps one of the best performances from Suraj Venjarammoodu; less than ten minutes of screen time, but his role, the helplessness of his character still haunts me. Devi Ajith is another great add on; can’t get her role off my mind. Rohini, Meghanathan, that kid (forgot her name), Joju and almost every one delivers intense performance. The song, Pookkal Panineer…maasha allah!

Thanks to Abrid Shine and Nivin Pauly, for the great times you gifted us watching the big screen. Special applause to Abrid Shine. 1983 was a classic, and he hasn’t disappointed a bit with his second venture. Nivin Pauly, the real next door hero, when’s the next visual treat coming up?
Warning: Please avoid this movie if you need a fully ‘mass’ action packed thrilling police movie or a laugh riot.

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