Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Magic Lamp

Something's terribly wrong with the world and I'm perfect.
The world's perfect and something's terribly wrong with me.

The possibility of one of these statements turning out to be true equals my chance of getting satisfied with a rather challenging yet prosaic life. I wonder if it is normal for a guy who is as old as twenty five or some one like me, as young as twenty five to search the night sky for answers when he is aware of the fact that it has nothing more than asterisks to offer.

Now isn't that a lamp? Holy cow! The famous magic lamp!
I rubbed it hard, real hard...Rubbed it again.
Finally, here's the Jinn.
Jin: "Aye answer, that's all that I'll give"
I : "When will the world end?"
Jin: "Oh! Man is not supposed to know that. Something else?"
I : "Nothing's working for me these days. Feeling screwed up, absolutely screwed up. So how do I fix things?"

Jin thinks for a moment.
Jin: I'd better tell you when the world would that'll be a secret okay? Shhhhhhhh

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