Monday, December 31, 2012

Audience and 'Karma'

Happened to have a happy Sunday after eons! Watched two movies back to back. A comedy movie and a family movie. The comedy flick was a supposed-to-be-serious-action-thriller directed by a former Indian army officer. I am afraid even if hardcore Lalettan fans  would feel satisfied with the product. I am not shocked; I didn't expect any magic from a director who always try to play safe in the box office.

Major Ravi is notorious for wasting caliber. Well he is the one-of-a-kind director who dragged in a big name like Amitabh Bachhan into a stupid Malayalam movie. Once again he has engaged himself in a similar blunder. A socially relevant theme presented in a haphazardly irrelevant manner, that is Karmayodha. 'Taken' 
deserved a better copycat. A father in search of his missing daughter. A ruthless  encounter specialist who is the epitome of narcissism. The hero keeps announcing his heroism, that he is MadMaddy. 

"I kill people", "Do you know who I am? I am MadMaddy": These are the two lines that the hero repeats to each and every villain he faces. His style is hilarious; he starts beating the hell out of every villain and then he is seen adding a 'please' and humbly requesting his catch. Another notable element in the movie is that it features one of the weirdest introductions that a hero can have. You see his legs, then his hands, then he is seen crushing a biscuit and stuffing his mouth with the powder, the left overs stick to his beard. Yuck! Definitely macho!

The only reason why I enjoyed a few moments is the fact that I believe in instant punishments without delay; every rapist deserves the most brutal treatment like dismantling his genitals, bleed him to death etc. Major Ravi is trying hard to become the next Shaji Kailas of Malayalam film industry. Should I blame him? For his only genuine venture (Mission Ninety Days) so far turned out to be a major box-office flop. Felt bad during the first half, for I had taken my young nephews (one in his 5th std and the other in his 10th std of schooling). The senior one has not uttered anything ever since the intermission, and was seen engaged deeply in thoughts throughout! Forgive me Oh Lord!

Oops, I'm out of time...of to clinics. Will try to feed you with the 'family movie' afterwards. Signing off for now. 

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