Sunday, September 7, 2008

de HALL of FAME (k.ø.c.h.ü z awards)!!! '08

(dis time wen i say it's unedited i really mean it...was chattin wid prasanth half de time i was typing dont turn red)(and another thing to note: this is all about de blogosphere...nothin more...subjected 2 deletion!!!)

Hooo...seems it's rainin awards...!!! so sad i missed all de live action...was kinda busy....well folks here "I AM BAAK"...(actually wanted 2 type in: HERO'Z BAAK...but my new buddy Prasanth wants it dis way...!!!).

I rarely prefer posting "lively"stuffs in my blog though i often fill my page with "smoke" n brand things dat i write AS "almost fiction".

But this time I have to...

wen things r offered 'free' how can i resist accepting them...okay world...

I am now....'de proud recipient of de prestigious BFF award'...trillions of thanks n hugs 2 Hemanth!!!!!!

de HEMANTH factor:

N few words about dis guy: Hemanth:Dis is one rare kind of species...found in de outskirts of Andhra Pradesh...Honestly speaking I luv just de ones who r special...special enough to live a life different from others...n dis guy is one such spl dude...!!!

1)He shocked me, posting his pics 4 us 2 comment...dat was de first of it's kind...made me think of de guy atleast thrice...coool...i ended up tellin dat..'cool'

2)he penned sumthin on himself : "na ME"
dat was again sumthin extremely new...!!!

Thus Hemu is de new dude in ma 'hall of fame' ;-) luv ye mate...!!! I also hav (had) a post exclusve 4 world n i rule

Now de next: Though officially not yet notified(grrr) it seems(not sure!!!) i've been awarded this:

de PRIYA factor

No way...she's already clogged ma mind...gosshh...chk her out's de link.
Im still 'exploring her'...!!! more complicated dan de story line of Matrix (de first movie)

currently all i know is: she's is just wonderful...!!! And is extremely dear to me...!!! (e-pal as she calls me he he). ShE made me write sumthin too: proud 2 b watt.

n de last but not the least in any sense,
the award that made my year: being branded de 'favourite blogger'
by Smriti Srivastava

de SMRITI factor:

If i need to scribe what this gal is...i'll have to type in way...!!!

just this: She's de FIRST wonderful Human i met, here in this blogosphere...Well folks de gal is really important!!!! Tops in my commentator one most 'inpiring factor' i have in blogosphere...!!! Here's a link 2 one of my all time favourites from her posts:beyond borders.

HER 'ABOUT ME' SECTION: smriti,Remembrance. My Grandma named me so for a reason. So,if I can leave my imprints in your heart before I can depart, I will consider my job here done for this lifetime. Cheers!!:)

Well dear, smriti, you've already left yer imprint in my heart (grrr..don't depart niway).


Now: Others from "ma hall of fame"

Diva: Miss.Hug, as i call her...i've had de "longest chaaaat sessions" wid dis gal...(ask her y im saying dat...he he...!!! no always fast in typing). She's one original pal i won through blogger. luv ye a lot mate....!!!

Sameera:Always one of de first to chk out ma blog de moment it gets updated. a PROLIFIC writer

Saran: "Nihilist..Anarchist..Agnostic..Pessimist...Misanthrope."...dis guy inspired me ( without himself knowin de danger he was lightin up...!!!) to start this blog. Ma 'senior' from college

Amooma: WOOW WOOW...i donno if i mentioned about her legendary blogger...hav been 'desperately' carryin her 4 more dan a minimum of 6 years( hey amooma..more than 6? yupp). One of me finest friends. She placed de first scrap in ma orkut scrapbook...!!!

Neha: De first thing she did was 2 add de new term 'joiedevivre' 2 ma vocabulary...!!! She owns a real cool n "mind tumblin" blog.

Pooja: a fine Poetess 'immersed in de realm of luv' . I am always one of de first to comment on her works!!! lucky nithin...!!!

Saranya:de Doc from abroad...!!! One of my top commentators!!!

Aquagurl: he he...n after supergirl,batwoman...i found out dis wonderful mate!!!

new addons: Dese r people i met recently, still 2 explored(yupp)- Anoop, Cinderella,Divya,Arun.






Prashant Sree said...

Hi Nitin,

Glad to see you getting awards and
Congrats to all the Winners.,.

Iam pretty sure, all of them deserve it and most importantly its how you all continue to make a difference in others life., :)


Prashant Sree said...

Hey ya,

You have Brolled ;)

Hemanth Potluri said...

no now i am nerd ha....its ok...let me live with it...nerd not by choice anyways...liked the way u described everyone with a per the awards u deserve them dude....nice u put the pic also..super..:)..


Hemanth Potluri said...

and as per each person descption ..i think no one can describe anyone as u have done thats soo kewl..keep smiling ...complement form nerd..:(


k.ø.c.h.ü said...

hey hey hemuu...grrrr...i was just kiddin na..!!!'s just me na..!!! he he ;-)

n prashanth!!! welcum 2 de party..!!!

Smriti Srivastava said...

Wow :D

I'm part of Nithin's elite awards?? :)) Smileys smileys smileys :D

Thanks a tonne for the award..and congrats to all the recepients...

AND not forgetting to mention...Prashant is one awesome fella..absolutely love his perspective on things...

I'm a lil tongue tied....get back to "serious" blogging dude so that I can get back to my commentating role :P

Hugs to Kochu >:D<

Cheers to all the people connecting with each other via blogosphere...

Smriti Srivastava said...

PS -- LOVED that you put up Bugs Bunny... My favourite cartoon character of all time... Reminds me that I havent seen a Bugs Bunny Cartoon in a looooong while....must do that sometime :|

Cheers!! :)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Congrats on the awards buddy!And thank you for including me in your hall of fame :)

joiedevivre said...

kya baat hai
inne sare award
sir plzz autograph dena haan

joiedevivre said...

@ hemanth
sai hai yaar
khatarnak taarif ho rai hai teri

Divya said...


lol.. the last one- dark lord, smile in the dark- funny!!

Aqua gurl said...

congrats....very nicely done!!!

ive been awarded these too....will post mine soon:)

Saranya said...

Welldone n congrats for the awards. Thanks for adding my name in the hall of fame list!

ANWESA said...

gud 2 c u baak,where am i in the list?

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

anwesa...hooo mate...thought u wer lost!!! hihi..sum kinda nasty technical error didnt let me get updates from yer blog...!!!

Aqua gurl said...

thankooo...i feel honoured:D:D

amooma said...

I WON!! however ( hands on hips)....i want to know JUST what u mean by 'desperately carrying me around'. huh!! grrrr..ur gonna explain that tmrw at the wedding

Pooja said...

dat's so sweet of ya...

i had been a hell lot busy dese cudnt come OL...


Priya Joyce said...

hullo so here goes ma comment
hems: he is such an honest guy simple says wat he feels so sweet
smriti:GOd yu can never get bored if u r in touch with her gosh can share anything with her without feeling tat she'll take out wrong meaning. sh
prashant: wow serious gu whose posts just touch me. very good commentator too. damn good blogger.
hall of fame
neha: she is superb mast gal kya likhti hai
after reading her any mail u get ur mood pepped up mast ladki hai re.
pooja: poetess GOD love poetess pyar aur poetry mein paagal lovely gal.
sameera: she's so lovely posts things which r so sweet and lovely.
and makes me very happy with her cool comments the template quenn she is loves changing it always.
tats all i know abt ur ppl
and u thanx for such nice words 4 me
i luv to be here in this blog world.
truly lucky i am
see u after examms
couldn't resist to comment.

Hemanth Potluri said...

thnks for the support...for the nerd ;)..anyways come to my blg wen ur free...u wud comment to gal blog..loll..not mine..;)..


--xh-- said...

dey dey.. i gave u BFF award before I left for my so called vecation :P - read my blog dey.
u hv got a ncie hall of fame - as an when time permits, i will start checking the blogs out :)

KeyzEr SoZe said...

eda! wow! seems ive got to learn a lot about bloging from u!
keep up!

Divya said...

happy onam!!