Thursday, January 13, 2011

Evincere is 3 years Young !

The beauty of life rests in very tiny things. To gift a smile is one divine deed. I am still amazed by the fact that the source of the very first smile for this day was a total stranger. I woke up to find this blogger 'Teena in Toronto' wishing my blog a happy anniversary.

"," I said to myself. 3 long years have not enriched my vocabulary to the extent of letting me aptly describe the essence of the very feel that drove in.

This blog, to be frank, is everything to me.

It would be a sin to fill this precious space on this precious day with what may be described as a mundane write up. Blogadda had already given me chance to spill out all the ethics of blogging that I cherished in my soul.

Let me not lengthen this write up further. Few official announcements, for those who have been out of touch for a while.

I now call myself a 'Half Doc'. Job's half done. An year of internship is left.

I now earn by myself...! My dream of recharging my mobile balance all by myself is a reality.

As anyone close to me knows, 'a Song, a Stethoscope and a Book' defined my dreams.

My experiments with writing aided me in turning into a whole new page in life,

I started writing for Medindia, a leading online Medical Portal, months back,

and turned out to be lucky enough to be upgraded
to the post of a content editor.

Life has finally turned out to be hectic once again; responsibilities walked in.

The life within the white coat is just great...! Thanks to Amma for having made the right decision for me.

The magic that this blog weaved in me is beyond words...

I'm yet to decide the sex of this blog. At times it's a 'he', at other times it's a 'she'.

Whatever it is, he/she has played his/her part in making me what I am.

Another name worth a mention is Dollz, one of the greatest inspirations.

Billions of blasting B'day wishes to my lovely evincere... ;)

I don't remember a similar dedication before !!! This is the first it seems...
oops both of us have started to age :)

Keep in touch :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dark room, Radiologist and Condom


Accompanying a patient for his/her imaging is a double edged sword. At times it gifts you a comfortable alibi when your 'co-interns' are drenched in sweat during an admission day in the emergency room (better known as the casualty), at other times you sweat yourselves out in the process of accompaniment.

If this sounded like a weird medical jargon. Here's the whole concept. It's been ages since one of the prime lifts in our prestigious hospital withered out. That means, any patient irrespective of the fatal potential of his medical ailment will have to wait for an ambulance (read that as minutes to hours), suffer whatever damage a busy traffic and 'typical Keralite roads' can offer and finally reach the imaging center.

A doctor (preferably loquacious)will have to accompany the patient during the process. Provided the patient is rather stable, the job works fine. Except for the miserable journey in the ambulance the whole trip is refreshing (from personal experience) since once the destination is reached, he can spend time in air-conditioned cabins provided by the Department of Radio diagnosis till the imaging process gets completed (However a collapsing patient is a source of palpitation for the doctor himself).

(Technically this introduction has little to do with the rest of this page. Don't ask me why I put it here)

What happened:

Internship or House surgeonsy is where a half-doctor begins his quest to completion. My pursuit (this has nothing to do with the EternalRemanan!) began months back. Two months with Surgeons gave me sufficient matter to fill my time line. I thought that was it, but no. The department of Obs & Gynec has started to add more fun.

Scene: A female patient suspected to have ectopic pregnancy (in plain English: pregnancy anywhere else but not in the uterus).
Condition of the patient: Stable
Requirement: Ultrasound scan-Abdomen
Complication: She speaks the kind of Hindi that even noted 'Hindi speaking Malayali PostGraduates' find hard to comprehend.
Environment: Rainy

The ambulance is unavailable. So young doctor stuffs himself in an auto-rickshaw, along with the lady, her 'Nepali' husband. Reaches the scan center. Meets the radiologist, a rather obese lady (doesn't mean that the young doctor was dead ringer for Dard-E-Disco lead).

Dark room. Radiologist. Sisterji. The Hindi patient. Young doctor.

Except for the physical presence, the young doctor knows little about the intricacies of ultrasound imaging.

Okay. Radiologist- "Where's the condom?"

Err...I return her nothing but a startled look. She extends her hands to the sisterji. Sisterji searches the table and hands her something.


She turns to me. My expression should have carried her to any of the viva voce sessions she passed through as an undergraduate. (Read that as 'blank look', Malayalis may read that as 'blinkasya')

"Well I need a trans vaginal ultrasound for her. Hmmm do you prefer to share this room or..."

I could hardly give her time to complete. I rushed out of the room. Walked out of the scan center. Crossed the road. Bought a bottle of mineral water. Finished it. Waited (along with the husband) for the scanning process to be over.

Journey back-uneventful.

Lessons to carry: Ignorance is bliss. A trans-vaginal ultrasound scan uses a probe covered with a condom and a gel.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

the Eternal Remanan

The very ecstasy that elevated me to pinnacles of happiness finally pulled me into a black hole that erased three long months from my time line.

My other self finally decided to bid bye. The fairy tale that I scripted preferred not to conclude with a ‘thus they lived happily ever after’. It was the best of times, in the beginning, and then walked in the worst of the times and I guess still better times have already set out to meet me in the midst of another fairy tale in some other world.

Some say this is it, some say this is just the beginning. Well, the truth is, it’s always like this. Life’s one big joke, laugh at it or someone else will. Now that I’ve filled the space with lots of perplexity mixed with the schizophrenic school of thoughts (now stop guessing what it is…I don’t know)

This is the beginning of the adorable aftermath. The most unexpected twists will be unleashed. A trillion neurons will begin to fire…as the Eternal Remanan begins his cruise.

"Every end, is a beginning"-Eternal Remanan

(Alternate titles: Tempest in a teapot or Storm in a teacup)

Courtesy: Pic-adapted fromDon Quixote by Denis Ziber