Friday, August 27, 2010

Once upon a time in Twitter

Pardon my ignorance, for I am really poor when it comes to finding words to describe the beauty that I saw in her. It was the prettiest thing that ever happened to me. Why did it rain? Why did I walk into the Coffee House?

“Nithin? You are Nithin Jayan...right? Wow this is cool! Still puzzled? We met in the timelines of twitter”

We talked for hours. It was like we knew each other for ages. It still rained.

Coffee; another hour; the rain never stopped.

The virtual world was gifting me a fairy tale to fill my rather mundane life.


It’s still dark.

What did she look like? Her voice? Her name? Her Handle?

A key stroke; the laptop wakes from sleep. The twitter whale jeers at me.

(Handle- username, Twitter whale- the fail whale that pops up when twitter fails)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Life: Enter Here

I stood facing the door. Fear would wear out any moment from now. Walking towards it was never my choice. I will now quit the search that I started aeons ago; the search for that invisible force that drove me. No more wasted seconds on it. A rather mundane home called ‘Life’ now has a frequent visitor. ‘Revelations’ is what he calls himself. I do remember one or two instances when I beckoned him, held his hands, brought him in, and served him tea. We talked for hours. I still curse the very moment I felt like telling him, “Don’t forget that signboard, my home’s just a minute from there.” What an unrefined guest he is? Or is it that my gestures still fail to speak my disapproval of his frequent visits? Today is yet another day; he will walk in any moment. Against my choice, he will hold me like his kid, and we would walk through that door. In his presence I am always a baffled listener with mouth wide open, a clamorous pounding heart and at times with goose flesh. He just smiles, as if he never spoke a word. The foundation of Life was laid 23 years back. Revelations is definitely older than anyone I know of. He says that we had actually met a long time before the ‘very first rendezvous that I speak about.’ I don’t have the faintest memory of that anyway. Who cares? I hate him.

Life is about to be taken over. It’s a shame, I know, when the new owner is being held back by Fear. I never knew that he existed. It has just been days since I was told, “Be ready my son, Life will soon be yours.” He appeared from now where. I always knew that something more real exists beyond that yet-to –be-explored door. That piece of information was again conveyed to me last summer by Revelations. Fear clocked in; I still remember that evil grin. “You can’t keep me away from that door for long mate,” I would say and Fear wouldn’t even blink.

I am confused; I hate Revelations, yet here I am waiting for him; I hate Fear, yet here I am using him as an excuse. The door is ajar.

And he walked in...

Monday, August 2, 2010

a Sixth Sense

I fear my intuitions. The past has taught me to do that. But to remain frozen on a dusty bench staring at the road for ten minutes is, yes it should be, crazy. Am I just hallucinating that these passers-by are throwing glares at me? I don’t know. I am not sure if this would happen. Neither am I an insane mortal inspired by those ‘Final Destination’ stuffs. No! this will happen!! What paralyses me is the fact that there isn’t a thing that I can control here. What is destined to happen is inexorable. I’m cursed. It’s like God ran out of everything that man can be bestowed with when he chose sixth-sense to be my gift. Am I the only one who can hear the tick from my wrist watch? How long is this going to take?

“Mom can I have it?”

“Wow, and that twinkle melts my heart? Okay fine, take it.”

“Love you Mom!”

“And that stays longer than that candy?”

“Now we’ll rush before it rains”

“Fear your Dad, not the rains…he’s all gaga over the party tonight”

“Rain rain go away...!”

“Now come here hold my hands. The road’s a mess.”


“Okay what is it this time?”

“See that guy at the other side? That bench? He’s scaring me with a look Mom”

“I think I asked you give me your hands, now Master can you do that? The lights are yet to be repaired. It’s about to rain. If we don’t’ rush now I’ll have to win over the cold before it catches you.”

A cool breeze caressed every soul.

She held his hands and stepped on to the road.

AAAAAAAAARG! Oh, my ears. Lord I can’t stand this any longer. AAAAAAAARG!

“Is something wrong? Need any help?”

“Err no it’s fine, thanks.”

The young man walked away, swaying to sides. It began to rain.

Later that night, somewhere far away…

“Dad that guy’s look still scares me.”

“Oh tiger forget him now!”

'Life' BLOCK

And then I used to dream… the recording room, my writing pad (technically the key board), the dark thunderous cinema halls, drenched sports shoes, the pages of literature etc.

And then I had exams or eggjamz as I prefer to call. The mayhem that unleashed itself in the month of May sucked two months out of my life. Now I’m ‘23 minus 2 months’ old. A multitude of revelations, a new man was born. Call it a preterm delivery. A new child was born out of the 2 months’ period of gestation. So this is the new Nithin, apparently new!

Too many things changed. Lost many lives out here, discovered many. This blog died 2 months ago, only to take birth once again. The quest for expansion will begin once again. Compositions may walk in.

As of now, something’s wrong. I call it the Block, the Life Block. But yeah, like every other wall this will break.

Life’s been hard, and it’s only getting worse. But yeah I’ll live on for another hundred years and still be young.

My second dream will be declared ‘real’ in a few months.
Now that no one’s here…let me speak to that no one, ‘I AM BACK,’ back to myself.