Saturday, January 19, 2008

..the thinking process..(another teen day..a chapter on friendship!!!)

(Trust me… this is a piece of fiction…and if someone finds that the characters are real…just meet me…we’ll solve it face 2 face…!!!Plus the language used is strictly the kind of spoiled stuff modified by the typical Indian youngster for use in online chat rooms. No harms intended to true lovers of English)

So y did she actually say that..?

Hmmm…she was probably kidding…

But still she shouldn’t have...

Ha who cares…if she is like that what am I 2 do?

And I start the first page in Robbins (the first and the last name in Pathology)

Chapter: Immunology

But still is this what I deserve?

4 all those time I spend thinking of her…?

Hmmm…some things are like that…you never get things the way you wish…

I go through the first few paragraphs in the page.

Man…oh…man…this book is really cool…I really missed it all these months…

Going 4 a movie ain’t such a big sin…

I didn’t cut a lecture 4 that…okay I could’ve read something 4 the two and half hours..

But what is life without some fun?

Well lemme not waste another hour on these crap thoughts...learn boy learn…

Tiring stuff..don’t these guys know to summarize things into few pages…

Yupp…no…respect it dear…

Okay I ignored her call…what else should I do when I am inside a theatre with DTS..? Say “hello” louder? And does ‘ignoring’ a call mean I am ignoring her..? Does she know that amma had rung me at least five times continuously…? Y can’t she understand?

And how many times have I got into ‘call waiting’ when I dial her..?

And after keeping me waiting 4 half an hour she says… “dat was from home…”

I never question 4 credibility…do I?!!! Though ma brain get filled wid a trillion question marks…!!!

So are all gals like this..?

Hmmm…go to hell…I have my life to look into…and she has her own…

If that’s the way she need it…let her…idiot…

(CLOCK STRIKES 12)… okay I can’t stand longer…

Oh world here I sleep…

That creep could’ve directed the movie a better way right?

Hey what am I gonna do tomorrow…?

Hooo… Hey wait…dats my phone..ringing?

Tring tring…

Dats her yeyyyy…I know…she can’t resist…

Tring tring.. not gonna pick that so easily..

Tring Tring

k..that’ll do…


REPLY: “For the latest Hello tunes dial 99838393……..”

ME:“Shit! I should complain to the consumer’s court…stupid chunks”

Okay its my fault…I’ll call her…

Tring tring..

Tring tring..

C’mon pick it up..

Another tring tring

SHE: “Ya”

ME: “Hello pal”

SHE: “Well hi…!...don’t you guys actually sleep?”

ME: “Answer me...o pal... Its 12 midnight now. Tell me how one feels when a beloved friend of his has not called him yet…and he has been waiting all the evening…4 a call”


SHE: “hmmm….SLEEPY…right?”

ME: “Grrrrrrrrrrr.”

…Thus ends another day, 4 a teen…and 2 days later starts the second session exams…

I wake up next day...n i find a message sent late read-" I know u got irritated, well de same happened 2 me wen u rejected ma calls...n i was waiting all day 4 a response...u were late..!!! Luv ye pal..."

Sunday, January 13, 2008

the autobiography of a less known medico...

" havin a prob wid ma when i come home this weekend get some castor oil..", I told amma during a phone call...but the response just shocked me. "Hey if you really need a laxative we'll try Dulcolax", said her. To be honest it was the first time I was hearing that name.I soon checked my pharmacology text and confirmed the drug...dulcolax-Bisocodyl.

Well the element of attraction is the fact that I am a third year Medical Student and my Amma, a loving house wife. Well after having joined the course, lots of similar instances have occurred and still occur. I don’t know what exactly I am doing as a ‘proud’ medico...don't know what the mistake is and where exactly the problem lies.

I have seen more than 25 movies during my first year in college. A pal of mine has reached a number of 98. I go to a family ceremony and the first thing I hear when I am introduced is “wow medical college..? Brilliant boy!!!”. I travel in a train, and the person sitting next to me start canvassing, speaking about the attractions of the special insurance offers that his company has for doctors. A friend dials me, “Hey I have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. Which is the best prescription?”. But this time I have an excuse, “Da, I’ve just started with pharmacology. Wait for few minutes and I’ll refer to someone and tell you”…hooo…escaped…I sigh…

The worst fixes occur when a really ‘distant’ relative (unknown till I joined the college) rings me to request for help during an admission to the hospital and when a pal of mine calls me and tell… “Hey pal, I have a girl friend and…and…da what should I do now?”…yupp!!!

Every Monday still starts with my vow… ‘and now I’ll start to be a responsible student’. That evening I rush back from college and open Hutchison ( the famous book on clinical practices). Hours later I wake up when my roommate yells.. “hey lets have dinner”.

In between postings, I roam through the corridors with my pals, wearing the coat and the legendary steth around my neck. And then a by-stander approaches me, “Doctor sir, please tell me where I should go with this slip”. I and my colleagues exchange glances puzzled when another by-stander interrupts and start pointing to the correct direction. Feeling that being in wards, where we are posted, is safer we retreat.

Now I am waiting to reach the final year. Simply because I’ve heard seniors telling that something will surely happen during that time!!! All that I am, now, is the proud student of one of the most prestigious medical colleges in Kerala…and nothing more. There are, indeed, a trillion excuses I can use when amma asks me why I am like this! But she is more updated with the news from college. Thanks to my sweet relatives with stethoscopes working there. By the way this is another problem.

But on the whole I just love this life here...!!!

I have pals who often call me just to hear about terminologies they are not familiar ragging, bunking,elections,etc. And then I say, like a tourism promo, "Come to my college for the experience of a life time".

I am sure I would have been no different if I had entered an engineering college or practically anywhere, since I have regular chats with my pals there. Everyone has similar stories to tell. The pile of “supplements” or arrears. Fortunately I don’t have one. Only because, we don’t have that system…here it is the ‘additional batch’ system (for first year university exams), something more horrible than ‘supplees’. But at times I feel jealous of them, simply on the thought that even when their grandsons are admitted in schools I might be house surgeon or so posted at some lovely rural corners where even Airtel or Hutch fears to tread.

Asatoma Sadgamaya
Thamaso Maa Jyothir Gamaya
Mrithyor Maa Amrutham Gamaya…

Come on some one, lead me from darkness to light!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

will possessiveness grab ur possessions???

Is it too bad a thing 2 b possessive of sumthin u luv so deeply...does it really result in breakup..?

I've heard...If u love something let it free, and if its yours it will come back...